Review Policy

We have relaunched the blog and are now open to accepting new books – we are happy to accept books from both publishers and authors, including self-published and indie authors. We prefer physical books first and foremost, however we also accept audio books, and eBooks in these formats (PDF, MOBI and EPUB).

Genres we enjoy reading and reviewing:
-          Fantasy and Sci-fi (our favourite)
-          Young adult fiction
-          Dystopian or post-apocalyptic
-          Horror/Supernatural
-          Romance
-          Paranormal/Urban romance
-          Humour and comic
-          Children’s fiction
-          Historical Fiction

Genres we are trying out:
-          Comics, graphic novels and Mangas
-          Nutrition and fitness books
-          Cookbooks

Genres we do not review:
-          Non-fiction
-          Religious/Christian fiction
-          Self-help book
-          Poetry
-          Sports fiction
-          Chick-lit
-          Erotica

What you can expect from us

We will aim to respond to any contact within a week. We will let you know if we are able to review your book and a possible time frame. We normally review books within two to four weeks, dependent on how busy we are, but we will let you know at the time of contact.

We review all books we have agreed to review whether we like the content or not; please be aware that all our reviews are based on our personal opinion and we run this blog on a one hundred percent honesty policy, therefore sending us books will not influence our reviews. Please be aware that just because we have criticised a book it does not mean we didn't enjoy it - we love constructive criticism and point out the flaws, even in things we love.

We do not sell any of the ARC we receive, however if we think a book is particularly worthy we might run a giveaway to pass on its worthiness to a fellow reader.

What you can expect to see in the review

Each of our reviews contains the following components:
-          Title
-          Name of Author
-          Blurb
-          Our review
-          Release date (if applicable)
-          Where you can purchase the book

We are open to cross-posting our reviews on The Library Thing,, Goodreads and other platforms upon recommendation or request of an author or publisher.

If you are satisfied with our review policy and would like to have your book reviewed, or you have any further questions, please email your request to

We are open to hosting guest blogs, interviews with authors, promotional giveaways, books tours and any other promotional or communal blog activity – our aim is to help create a supporting blogging community.

© All of our published material is under our copyright, therefore if you would like to duplicate any written material on our website, you must contact us prior to replication.

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