Rating System

I loved this book! It is a wondrous piece of literature that made my heart sing and burn the proverbial candle at both ends just to finish it. I will read and reread it until its pages crumble in my hands, and I will pass it on to my descendents.

Not everything you love is perfect. I liked this book a lot and despite some obvious flaws, it holds a permanent place on my bookshelf.

This book was okay, it engaged me enough to read through it but I wasn't blown away by its contents either. This book could be described with one word, 'meh'.

This book was not great. It probably has some redeeming qualities, but I personally would have more negative things to say about it about than positive.

I really didn't like it! Whether it was the writing style, the characterisation, or just plain old terrible worldbuilding, this book and I did not get on. I will not be mincing my words in writing the review for this book!

Please follow this link to donate to a campaign to plant trees, so that together we can help make up for the horrific loss of living plants for this pointless waste of a book. Candelight vigils may be held mourning the hours I spent reading this book.