Most of the books we discuss on Sky Rose Reviews will be safe for work and suitable for readers of all audience. However, we will occasionally be reviewing books with more graphic themes, which we will always tag with our "Hot" label (you can see above). Please remember that we do not give a book a 18+ rating for casual swearing and adult themes - the rating is reserved for books with very strong language (the book version of Goodfellas), violence or explicit sexual content. Nevertheless, caution should be taken when reading, just in case.

While the reviewers on this blog are wonderful angel-people who have done nothing wrong ever in their lives, we can occasionally be potty-mouthed, particularly when we are passionate about a book. Consider this fair warning that we might do a swear. Sorry.

All of the materials on this blog are subject to copyright except for the books we review, which belong to the individuals that have slaved to create them. Please be respectful to books. If you would like to use any of our material feel free to look at our Contact Us section and request permission, and we will contact you to provide written authorisation where necessary.

Happy reading,

Sky Rose Reviews.

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