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I [Beth] founded this blog in 2012 after months of following book blogs and to connect with my fellow book lovers. We have now relaunched the blog in 2018 with a new partner in crime, Scareynerd.

I [Beth] am a small science nerd from England who loves to read and  have devoured hundreds of books over the last decade and a bit. I would normally try and list my top three favourite books but that would send me into a spiral of indecision so I would say my favourite genre is Sci-Fi and Fantasy with some of my favourite books being Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy BY  Douglas Adams, Discworld series by Terry Pratchett and basically anything to do with Neil  Gaiman (long may he reign)

I am [Scareynerd] a considerably larger science nerd who tends to hyper-fixate on projects and hobbies. I have been an avid reader ever since I learned how to read as a child, almost to the exclusion of everything else. There is little better in life than the smell of a brand new book, but I am not starting on the long road to tolerate eBooks. Some of my favourite authors are Garth Nix, Michael Crichton, Susanna Clarke, Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen. One of my favourite books is a little-known hard science fiction novel by Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen called Wheelers, which I recommend to all my friends, family, and passers-by in the street.

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