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The Last Girl on Earth - Alexandra Blogier

Title - The Last Girl on Earth
Author - Alexandra Blogier

Li has a father and a sister who love her. A best friend, Mirabae, to share things with. She goes to school and hangs out at the beach and carefully follows the rules. She has to. Everyone she knows--her family, her teachers, her friends--is an alien. And she is the only human left on Earth.

A secret that could end her life.

The Abdoloreans hijacked the planet sixteen years ago, destroying all human life. Li's human-sympathizer father took her in as a baby and has trained her to pass as one of them. The Abdoloreans appear human. But they don't think with human minds or feel with human hearts. And they have special abilities no human could ever have.

Fit in or die.

When Li meets Ryn, she's swept up in a relationship that could have disastrous consequences. How far will Li go to stay alive? Will she save herself--and in turn, the human race--or will she be the final witness to humanity's destruction?


It seems like I am on a roll, another book from my to-be-read pile is complete which gives me great joy - perhaps more joy than I ended up getting from this book. In its 250 pages it created something that felt more like a synopsis of a book rather than a fully fledged story. It is as if Blogier had been more interested in the title of this book rather than creating a feasible and well fleshed out story.

I've read plenty of books with bad writing, bad characters, bad narrative etc., but it's been a long time since I read a book that elicited so little emotional response from me that when it was over after less than two hours of reading, I honestly didn't care who was alive or dead. Writing the story of the extinction of our species should be a rather easy road to tugging some heart strings, but this book failed to even coax my survival instinct. It would be easy to point out that all Blogier had to do to connect her audience was to really flesh out what it feels to be the last survivor of her species - the utter loneliness, loss of everything and everyone that has ever existed, but even the fear that is a repeated theme on this book was portrayed as lacklustre. 

Moreover, the character of Li was unconvincing almost in every way. We are told that she spent her whole life being trained just to keep up with the innate abilities of the aliens, but somehow she never gives us the indication that she is finding anything hard. She seems to go through the educational aspect and military training with a lot more ease than she should have. Additionally, for someone who is supposed to be trying to hide from aliens, she spends an awful amount of time spewing out her secrets and doing dangerous stunts that would reveal her identity to the "overlords".

Her romance with Ryn is wholly unconvincing; there was so little time dedicated to exploring their feelings for each other, when they got together after what felt like three pages I neither understood nor cared about their dull little romance doomed to fail. The "villains" are equally boring, with no defining features and, despite having only read this book less than two days ago, they have mostly left my head already.

In the end, I am glad that this book was as short as it was since it was not worth any more of my time. 

*drops mic*

Product Details
Paperback, 250 Pages
Publisher: Delacort Press
Lanuage: English
Author's Website:
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