Friday, 7 March 2014

Pushed (Held #2) - Kimberly A. Bettes

Title - Pushed
Author - Kimberly A. Bettes


Ron Redwine is an up-and-coming author, a man whose lifelong dream of achieving celebrity status in the literary world is finally becoming a reality. But Ron isn't only a writer. He's also a sadistic serial killer who kidnaps, tortures, and murders women in his basement.

Nicole Lee is a beloved wife and mother. She's also the only woman who has ever escaped Ron's clutches. After being held in captivity for nearly a year, she found a way out, a way to be free once again and go back to her life. Only she can't. The life she knew before her abduction is gone. Separated from her husband and son, Nicole is psychologically broken. She spends months in a mental health facility trying to put the past behind her so she can return to her family.

Upon her release, Nicole hides herself away in a fleabag motel where she wrestles with her demons alone. When an interview on the local news advertises the last two stops on Ron's latest book tour, she becomes enraged. Furious that he's able to live his life happily while she's reduced to an existence filled with guilt and despair, she decides to take matters into her own hands.

Pushed too far, Nicole seeks her revenge, using Ron's own devices against him.

For mature audiences only.


If you dance with the devil then you are a fool, for you think you'll change the devil but the devil changes you - unknown

I want to start by saying since I read Held I have been anxiously awaiting the sequel. This was not how I expected it to but damn was it thrilling.

If you read Held in tears, mouth open and hoping to hell that Nicole would survive then you'll love this sequel. This is everything you were begging to happen in Held that we never got to see. I don't want to give too much away.

Nicole's life has taken a turn for the worse, she is not only having mental issues including nightmares and at points almost hallucinations but she is now distant from her family until her health is to improve. She holds guilt in her heart from not killing or stopping Ron and knowing that he is still out there haunts her.

Ron's life has suddenly became everything he ever hoped. He is a best selling author with over fifteen books under his belt and lives in a perfect home with a purpose built basement for his book research, we are given a glimpse into his latest victims showing how Ron has not changed.

Now this may contain minor spoiler so be warned if you continue reading.

Ron's past has never been divulged however at the start he does agree when a victim calls him a son of a bitch, to which it appears evident that his mother has something to do with his need for control. He believes with every fibre of his being that he loves Nicole, that he did right by her and that she should be grateful to him.

Nicole wants closure and although her version of events are not even a patch as gruesome as Ron's she does formulate a plan and her vengeance is blissful to read. Instead of reading with panic, I read with a smile as she fed him dog food and hosed him down like Nicole endured.

Pushed gives the reader closer, gives you your own revenge on Ron. If Held managed to scar you and you felt you needed a brain bleach after reading it, after this you'll feel content however slightly uneasy it sits.

Although I did notice sole minor plot holes or inconsistencies it was nothing to write home about.

I shouldn't love this mini series or maybe this author but - I am a little demented so I do.

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Paperback: 160 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (20 Feb. 2014)
Language: English
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