Sunday, 3 November 2013

COVER RELEASE: Equivocal (Abduct #2) - Mercy Cortez


After the number one best seller 'Messy and Shattered' the sequel in the Abduct Series is to be released early 2014, but for now you can see the cover for the anticipated Equivocal.


Second book of The Abduct Series.

Sometimes in life you are put in a position that causes you to make a difficult decision. 

Sometimes, the decisions you make effect other people. 

Yesterday I was saved from a fate worse than death, I was saved from being sold to the highest bidder. 

I should be grateful, glad to be alive. I should be. 

The man beside me, driving the car we just stole, he is the reason I was nearly sold, the reason my fifteen year old sister was killed, after all he slit her delicate throat.

Could you let go, pretend it never happened? Trust a murderer? Or like me, would you need vengeance - justice? 

As Heinrich Heine once said "We should forgive our enemies, but not before they are hanged” 

I thought about forgiving him, but I want revenge, I want what's mine.

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