Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Girl in 6E - Alessandra Torre

Title - The Girl in 6E
Author - Alessandra Torre


I screw men for money. Not literally, think phone sex operator with a 15 megapixel web cam thrown in. They tell me their deepest, darkest fantasies while paying me $6.99 a minute. 

What would possess me to engage in such a business? Throw in a tortured past, 24/7 murderous thoughts, and a desire to keep the innocent people of my small town safe. 

I was contained, out of the way, sexcamming my way to utter obscurity until HE came along. A twisted client armed with a target's name. Annie. And in that name, everything changed.


Wow. This wasn't what I expected, it was a million times more. 

This story starts one way and becomes a snowball of emotions and questions. The moment you realise you have solved a little bit of the puzzle you feel proud and excited.

Jeremy was intriguing; I loved that he was the UPS guy, just a normal guy who anyone could meet.

The second half of this book is so fast paced, it leaves you pushing on and needing to read more.. I whispered "please" in my head a few times, wanting it to end well. 

It is all described well and I didn't feel that their were any real loose ends to worry about.

I also loved the I.T guy, he seemed pretty sweet and I liked the relationship there.

There isn't another book like this, it's so original... a lovely breath of fresh air. 

Product details
Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Orion (12 Feb. 2015)
Language: English
Author's Website: www.alessandratorre.com
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

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