Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Carrie - Stephen King

Title - Carrie
Author - Stephen King


The story of misfit high-school girl, Carrie White, who gradually discovers that she has telekinetic powers. Repressed by a domineering, ultra-religious mother and tormented by her peers at school, her efforts to fit in lead to a dramatic confrontation during the senior prom.


Many years ago I read Firestarter and wasn't really that impressed with it, at the time I found it a bit too slow for my liking. So after watching an interview with the man himself, I finally decided to pick up Carrie and was I glad I did.

This book is simply amazing, there is simply no other adjective that could describe it. I have read many books that have been described to be ''horrifying'' and I have to say that I have never found myself so disturbed as reading the respective of Margaret White. This is not a slasher type horror that scares most people rather the sense of impending doom that plagues the book from the very book.

Looking past the rather horrifying extent of Margaret White's religious mania, this is really a heart breaking story. From the moment Carrie was born, she really didn't have a chance. Forced into a constricting ideologies  and made to hate her body by her mother and bullied by her class mates until then she was forced to breaking point. For a book intertwined with supernatural element, I was always surprised by how realistic it came off. This possible reality scared me more than any post apocalyptic zombie horror could every would.

Despite having never read Carrie, I would have sworn that I knew the story pretty well but Stephen King constantly surprised me with many twists and turns.  I was also surprised by how well King writes about subjects that would make most men very uncomfortable, in fact reading the shower scene, even I was extremely uncomfortable. This book forces you to examine society and it's views on religion and the sexuality of women in the eyes of religion. It is a very confrontational book and I bloody well loved it.

I will definitely be reading more of his works. I give this book 4 out of 5 starts.

Product Details
Paperback: 272 pages
Publisher: Hodder Paperbacks
Language: English
Author's Website: www.stephenking.com

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