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Devon's Last Chance - Edward M. Wolfe

Devon's Last Chance
Title - Devon's Last Chance
Author - Edward M. Wolfe


Devon is a dark spirit who is tasked with turning good people bad. Not only is that his job, but the release of energy at the moment of such conversions provides him with his life force. He has now gone too long between conversions and has only enough energy left to try one last time at making someone give up a life of good for evil.

Lance is a man who has reached a point in life where everything is going better than he ever believed possible. He is on his way to celebrate his 28th birthday and the closing of a business deal that will make him wealthy. His best friend and his fiance are waiting for him at his favorite restaurant.

This is when Devon spots Lance and targets him for his last chance at his own survival. Will Devon be able to interfere with Lance's life by tempting those he is connected to and cause catastrophic changes in Lances life - enough so that Lance will turn evil and release his energy?


Why isn't everyone reading this?

Not what I expected at all. It starts slow and a little confusing but at 30% I was addicted.

This is insane, it's all about the ripple effect, one action causes a reaction. This explores one interpretation of why and how. 

The how is Devon. Devon is like a being, not a human but a temptation; the evil to the story. He looks for people who are content enough that one change can ruin it all.

I loved the quote regarding how if something seems to good to be true it probably is. How Wolfe then interpreted that to mean if your life seems to good to be true, then something is a lie.

Wolfe writes thought provoking stories, they might be short but they are bite sized thoughts and they stay with you for a while.

I nearly cried at one point, I'm a dog person, read it and you'll see why.

For a thought provoking read I suggest a book by Wolfe, I've read two of his so far and each time I come away with logical and deep thought analysis.

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Print Length: 104 pages
Publisher: CreatSpace Publishing
Language: English
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