Sunday, 10 March 2013

Movie Review: Oz, The Great and Powerful

Today I am going to expand my bloggosphere and write a review for a movie. I was inspired to this after I saw The Great and Wonderful Oz in the cinema. About a week ago I saw the trailer for this film while waiting for Hansel and Gretel to start which often makes you realise that you are at the awkward moment where the trailer for some other film is more awesome than the one you are about to see.

I can't say how I could possibly fault this film. The graphics were magnificent, the cast were brilliant although I have to say it was one hell of a weird experience watching Mila Kunez cackling like  a witch. 

I found this film to a refreshing trip to the land of OZ. While the wicked witch did finally take on the image we are very familiar with, the reasons behind which she arrived at the point she did was reinvented to show that the edge between good and evil is not as clear as it was previously thought.

The wicked witch was not always the wicked witch and while she had the choice to become good, she was forced into evilness by the very people we considered to be good. Oz in this film is a womanizer, in the worst scale possible and inadvertently breaks a good witches heart and makes her weak to evil forces.

By far my favourite character has to be little china girl who made you want to cry within the first ten seconds of meeting her and has you laughing within five minutes.

This film had me laughing and at time it didn't hesitate to break your heart which means I give it an absolute recommendation and 5 out of 5 stars.



  1. Anonymous11/3/13

    Nice review. It did do the Wizard of Oz justice and is worth checking out if you want to go back to that world you once knew as a kiddie.

  2. Anonymous11/3/13

    As brilliant as the original truly is, this film had a lot of weight on its shoulders; however, it delivers in more ways than one. Good review.