Friday, 1 February 2013

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland [Alice #1] - Lewis Carroll

Title - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Author - Lewis Carrol


Journey with Alice down the rabbit hole into a world of wonder where oddities, logic and wordplay rule supreme. Encounter characters like the grinning Cheshire Cat who can vanish into thin air, the cryptic Mad Hatter who speaks in riddles and the harrowing Queen of Hearts obsessed with the phrase "Off with their heads!" This is a land where rules have no boundaries, eating mushrooms will make you grow or shrink, croquet is played with flamingos and hedgehogs, and exorbitant trials are held for the theft of tarts. Amidst these absurdities, Alice will have to find her own way home. Sir John Tenniel.


Although I have never read this book I would have sworn that I knew Alice in Wonderland upside and down but as it seems Disney did not do Lewis Carroll any justice. Now I don’t know how to even begin to describe this book, it puzzled me from the moment it began to the moment it ends.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland[who the hell knew that is the real title, damn you Disney you have screwed with me for the last time!] is set in a dreamscape like place called wonderland where anthropomorphic animals live in disharmony. There is a March Hare, mad Hatter, Cheshire cat, red queen and baby that turn into a pig and that is just the beginning. To make it even more bizarre everything you eat and drink will make you grow or shrink radically and yet there is so much more I could write about them for ages. 

The whole book reads like one long stream of consciousness, if that consciousness was on a weird acid trip that is. Carroll tells the whole story in a nonsensical kind of way. All the characters in the book play games that have no rules, riddles that have no meaning and even the one constant time loses its meaning so the mad Hatter and March Hare have tea all day every day.

Carroll is a revolutionary author in two counts. For one he is a major example of the literary nonsense genre, his book has no meaning in the sense that while the plot moves along according to Alice’s decisions. This book does not follow the usual cause to effect and a definite ending rather it takes a random and twisted journey that overall produces no results. The second point being that Carroll defies the Victorian desire to embed didactic meaning into every children story, Carroll wrote Alice in Wonderland to defy all expectation. 

Despite feeling like I just ate a magic mushroom I was surprised how much I enjoyed the book but then again maybe I should not have been surprised mushrooms can be fun err….. I’ve herd.


I don’t even feel qualified to review such a book, it is simply amazing. Simply one off, if not the best children’s books I have ever read. So it goes without saying 5 out of 5 stars.
Product Detail
Paperback: 448 pages
Publisher: Penguin Classics
Language: English


  1. What a great review! This is another one of those children's classics that I have neither read nor watched. I definitely want to read it now!! Ready to indulge in an acid-trip-like-stream-of-consciousness, for sure. Also, tea all day everyday sounds very appealing to me. :)

  2. It was very fun to read and tea all day is fun... i actually have like four cups of tea a day.

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