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Atlantis Rising [Warriors of Poseidon#1] - Alyssa Day

Title: Atlantis Rising
Author: Alyssa Day

This book has all the monsters of the paranormal genre but introduces the Atlantian warriors which feels original however to abet my sense of fair play I will do the criticising first. First the whole band of warriors fighting evil thing is a little too Dark Hunter (Sherrilyn Kenyon) and Black Dagger Brotherhood (J.R. Ward). While I am a fan of both worlds, it has been done before which takes away from the originality of the story. Another issue with this book is that there is so much going on, Vamps are taking over the world, shifters are ripping humans apart, there is some sort of war pretty much everywhere you look. 

Beautiful social worker Riley Dawson comes closer to understanding her intense connection to the ocean when she meets a handsome stranger on the shores of Virginia Beach. He's arrived, reborn from the fathoms below, to fulfill an ancient mission for the God Poseidon and--with Riley--experience the pleasures of human desire.


I've been hesitant in writing this review since this book is one of my all time favourites. I have read it so many times, it is actually unbelievable. Along with a handful of others, this is the book I pick up when I want to read something but don't feel like mentally investing on a new series. 

I love Riley, yea she is a little bit on the side of crazy, making out with some stranger she barely even knows with a very strong indications that he was NOT human and can kill her in an instant if he so wishes it and all of this AFTER almost getting raped. Really Ms Day that is what counts as romantic these days. The answer to that is actually, surprising even to myself is HELL YES. Conan satisfies pretty much everything we want from a fictional male. The bad damaged hero with one hell of a sex drive. I made a distinction because in real life I'd much rather trade him for a nice block with a great mind and hopefully the same sex drive.

The reason I love this book is not really because it introduces some complicated characters and an emotional story line but because it is simple, fun and seriously butterfly worthy. I think it is worth reading, although probably not as many times as I have read it. It has good girls with kick ass powers, prince's with one mighty fine asses and a vampire goddess as an adversary. As PR goes, it is a very good example of one.

The verdict.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars, for the simple pleasure of reading about characters I enjoy.

Product Detail
Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Berkley Books (1 Mar. 2007)
Language: English
Author's Website:

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  1. I read this one last year and LOVED it! I still have to read the next book in the series but it sounds so good. Great review :)
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    -Kimberly @ Turning the Pages