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The Mosswoods - Astrid Yrigollen

Title: The Mosswoods
Author: Astrid Yrigollen
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Poppy Mosswood like most 17 year olds wants to lead a normal life. But the Mosswood family is anything but normal. Keepers protect the land from humans who would exploit it. For in the forest dwell wondrous creatures and dangerous beings. Beings that would love nothing more but to overthrow all of mankind.

Ruthless billionaire Preston Buckthorn moves to town planning to marry Poppy to his son Brad. Brad wastes no time trying to win her heart but his love is warped by the taint that runs in his blood.
As Poppy is taken in by Brad's charms the appearance of a handsome stranger from the forest awakens her heart even though it is forbidden by both their worlds. From his long dark green hair to his piercing eyes, Ashtel is beautiful and powerful. He feels the danger that has emerged to threaten both of their worlds.Torn between pledging herself as a Keeper, Brad and Ashtel, Poppy is unaware of the true identity of Preston Buckthorn and that his sinister plan includes much more than just owning Mosswood forest


The thing about this book that grabbed me from the beginning was the setting. Yrigollen does a very good job of describing the setting, Everything is so vivid and detailed I loved it.She also does an amazing job of creating the creatures, I especially love the Watty.

Poppy is a very good protagonist in a sense that I could see myself in her, she reached a point in her life where she has to choose between what her family things is her destiny and what she want to do. 

The one thing am not a fan of is the love triangle, but thats more of a personal preference than anything in the book. Since the release of The Vampire Diaries it seems every book has a love triangle and I am for the lack of a better word at my wits end. 

The other thing that disappointed me about this book is the cover, granted the cover doesn't make the book but it doesn't exactly appeal to me in any way, in fact half an hour on google and paint and am sure I can make a better cover than that.

I totally loved the settup of this book, the first half was a bit slow but it laid the way for the excitment of the second hald and that ending... wow. Seriously if I had the next book I would have devoured it right then and there.

The verdict

The Mosswoods is an exciting fantasy with an intretesting and non sterotypical setting. While the first half was slow the second was absorbing and I can not wait to dig into the next book


I give this book 3.5 out of five for an interesting journey to a fantasy world.

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