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Slide - Jill Hathaway

Title: Side
Author: Jill Hathaway 


Vee Bell is certain of one irrefutable truth—her sister’s friend Sophie didn’t kill herself. She was murdered.
Vee knows this because she was there. Everyone believes Vee is narcoleptic, but she doesn’t actually fall asleep during these episodes: When she passes out, she slides into somebody else’s mind and experiences the world through that person’s eyes. She’s slid into her sister as she cheated on a math test, into a teacher sneaking a drink before class. She learned the worst about a supposed “friend” when she slid into her during a school dance. But nothing could have prepared Vee for what happens one October night when she slides into the mind of someone holding a bloody knife, standing over Sophie’s slashed body.
Vee desperately wishes she could share her secret, but who would believe her? It sounds so crazy that she can’t bring herself to tell her best friend, Rollins, let alone the police. Even if she could confide in Rollins, he has been acting off lately, more distant, especially now that she’s been spending more time with Zane. 

Enmeshed in a terrifying web of secrets, lies, and danger and with no one to turn to, Vee must find a way to unmask the killer before he or she strikes again


I really, really wanted to like this book. Vee’s superpower is super awesome and it started out rather promising. Who the hell doesn’t want to read a book where a girl looks through a murder’s eyes while he/she carries out the murder? It seemed like an excellent setup but it went downhill from there. 

The entire setup of the book but stereotypical at best complete with spoilt popular sister, queen B-I-T-A-C-H and new boy love interest. Come one guys how many times have we had the high school get up. Where I have lived and I have lived in two major cities the whole click system does NOT exists, but perhaps am just a lucky person.

The reason I always avoided teen-mystery books is because half way through the book, I always figure it out and then its 200 plus pages of ‘for the love of God how obvious is it’ frustrated growls and this book was obvious. 

Vee always and I mean ALWAYS goes for the obvious and rushed conclusions and even after the murderer was discovered the reasons behind the murders is seriously stupid. Especially the reason behind Sophie’s, it made me want to hit my laptop so much, if I had a physical copy I would have burnt or thrown it out the window right then and there.

The verdict
This book like many I have read has a good start, a good idea but once again fails to dliver. It’s almost enough to make me stp reading YA all together.

I give this book 2 out of 5 stars and a warning that while it might have an awesome power it can get very frustrating. 

Product details
Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins Children'sBooks
Language: English
Author's Website:
Purchas: Amazon | Barns & Nobel

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  1. This cover is amazing, it's a shame you didn't like the book though. Great review.
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