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Phoenix [Phoenix Elite #1] - Melissa Starr

Title: Phoenix 
Author: Melissa Starr

Elora Rae Gannon believes her life is over. On her sixteenth birthday she receives news that she is a mythical monster of hellish proportions and if that's not bad enough, she receives this information in the form of a letter from her dead mother who also informs her that she must become part of an elite secret society of others like herself or die. Sucky birthday, huh? And just when she thinks she's got it all figured out, her new-found family in the Elite forces her to break ties with her human BFF shortly before her BFF just up and vanishes. With her world in utter upheaval, Elora makes the move to a new school- Marlind Prep, with full intentions of finding out exactly what is going on behind the scenes and why her best friend has vanished- all while trying to figure out how to successfully make out with her boyfriend without sucking the very life out of him!

Despite my love for greek mythology, it is written about so much it becomes rather tedious but Starr infused modernity with Egyptian mythology which I found refreshing and enjoyable. This book is a lot like The House of Night series without the seriously annoying-ness of zoe.

On her 16th birthday Elora finds out that like her deceased mother she is a Phoenix. The phoenixes are rich, hot and get the best damn lives ever except they have to suck life out of someone every in order to extend their lives one more year (lovely, I know).

Elora is actually a really cool protagonist, she is independent and extremely loyal even if i hate the fact that she is that loyal to her best friend Chloe. To top things of their is a hot romance between her and a fellow phoenix, Ezra.

The one thing I did not like about this book is Chloe because she is the most annoying character ever. Despite being warned to stay away from the Phoenix business, she does not and goes missing. Sigh. 

The verdict
To be honest this book couldn't not be more awesome, it makes you wonder why it is not more known

I give this book 3 out 5 and present a special interview with author

Product details
Format: Kindle Edition
Print Length: 196 pages
Publisher: Fire and Ice by Melange Books
Language: English
Purchase: Amazon


SRR:    Have you always wanted to be a writer or is that more of a late development?

I've always had a interest in writing since elementary school but I also had aspirations of being a Marine Biologist as child. I loved dolphins and sharks, especially great whites. But alas, I live in a dry part of the country and never ventured far from home so I pursued writing, which was my first love anyway.

SRR: How long does it take you to write a book?

Wow, well, I have four athletically busy kids so...anywhere from 6 months to a year? If I was able to write full time like I wanted, I could pound one out in around three months. That's a rough draft of course, editing takes some time too.

SRR: Writing a book is undoubtedly a very long process, how do you keep yourself motivated to keep writing?

I read. I am absolutely driven by other author's masterpieces.

SRR: What is your work schedule like when you're writing?

I write from approximately 8 a.m. till 11:30 a.m. then grab lunch with the hubby. I start in again around 1 p.m. and write until 3 p.m. which is when I pick up kids from school. From there out, I belong to the kids until time to fix dinner, then bed, and start all over again. I'm lucky to get a whole Saturday to myself on occasion. :)

SRR: What do you like to do when you're not writing?

I am a total football freak. Pure and simple. I'm sitting in front of the t.v. watching NFL or sitting in the stands of our local high school & middle school football games all through the fall. Then it's on to basketball where I cheer on my little ballers. I have one in cheerleading, basketball & track and then another in football & basketball so that takes up most of my time. During the spring & summer months we spend a lot of time outdoors riding atv's and camping.

SRR: What does your family think of your writing?

I think they think it's cool. Lol. I know they support me 100% :D

SRR:What are your current projects?

Ruhk's Rising; Phoenix Elite Book 2 is set to be released Feb-Mar 2013. I just finished up on Therian Cursed; An Equinox Novel which is the first YA novel in a whole new series. I am 3 chapters into Therian Called; A Equinox Novel 2. As soon as I get done with this one it's back to Book 3 of the Phoenix Elite. Busy, busy, busy! Thanks you so much for having me over!

Here you have it ladies and gentlemen, the fantastic Melissa Starr

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