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Wildflowers from Winter - Katie Ganshert

Title: Wildflowers from Winter
Author: Kate Ganshert


Bethany Quinn has left rural Iowa for good and she has no plans to return to the peaks. She has a good job and a hotshot lawyer boyfriend and the life she had always dreamed of but an unexpected tragedy pulls her back into the peaks and this time she will not escaped unscathed.


When I first received Wildflowers of winter I had no idea it was a Christian romance. As a rule I usually avoid religious novels, I find I did not enjoy the preaching with my romance but happy to say that Wildflower of winter was different. 

The protagonist Bethany is an architect who moved to the city to pursue her carrier; she has a good job, a hot shot boyfriend and seemingly a perfect life in the city.  From the beginning I loved the mystery in the book. I wanted to know why she supposedly attempted suicide at 12 and I wanted to know what happened between her and her best friend Robin. Simply put I wanted to know. 

Bethany is an amazing protagonist in the sense that she is not perfect but is just another strong woman who tries to make her way in life. She is not always right and what she does is not always justified but her character makes a progression in the course of the book which makes her even more relatable. 

The writing style of this book is beautiful it flowed easily and I found I was enjoying the book despite the frequent jump between first and third person.  When I unwittingly discovered the religious connotation of this book I half expected it to be moralistic and preachy but I was surprised to discover that it was a story about life. The hardship faced, the challenges overcome, the pain and the love we feel. It was a human story through and through. And as for the religious aspect, I believe it reached a very satisfying conclusion.

All the characters in this book suffered a loss and at the end of the book I had one too many tear drops in my eyes but very happy that I read this book.

I want to finish this review on one last note “The summer I turned twelve, I tried to kill myself” is the best first line I have ever read, other authors can learn from the way Ganshert hooked her audience from the word go.

Overall: I give this book 3 out 5 as it was a fascinating outlook on religion, relationships and human emotions.

Product Details
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: WaterBrook Press (May 8, 2012)
Language: English
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Review copy provided by Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers 

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