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The Color of Snow - Brenda Stanley

Title:  The Colour of Snow
Author:  Brenda Stanley 


16 year old Sophie is rescued from when she has been locked away by the man she called papa but is he really the abuser seen by all outsiders or is he a man trying to protect the world from the daughter he loves very much.
After being discovered by the police Sophie is sent to live with her grandparents, will she settle for life on the outside world or will she yarn for the life behind closed doors where she was not stared at by all and treated like a social outcast.


How many ways can you say wow because you will be saying every single one. This book had me from the moment I opened it to the moment I closed, proverbially speaking since I had the ebook. It is a fantastic story which had me in tears before it even ended. I am trying not to spoil it for you because it is constructed so when each piece falls into place things make more sense.

This book is not only clever but has realistic although not always likable characters which adds to the overall dimension of the book after all not everyone is pleasant. The characters even those we know we are not meant to like are realistic, they come out as real people rather than a cartoon cut out of a villain. This book had me caring about the characters as if they were actually were. I laughed, loved and grieved with them.

As protagonists go Sophie is a damn good one, she portrays the naïve confined character very well although at times I was rather exasperated by her especially since the book deliberately makes the villain of this story rather vague. You are left wondering who to believe, who to like and who represents the real danger to Sophie.

The book also has frequent cuts away from the main plot line and explores several memories from Sophie’s past as well as the life of Luke Theotoktis, Sophie’s father.  This serves as a useful device which explored the character’s past and shows how they became who they are currently, once again this adds to the all roundedness of the character making them more realistic in the readers mind.

The one thing that confused me about the book was the setting, while it seemed to be set between 1991 to 2009 it seems like it was set in the sixties. I may be looking from the point of view of a person who lives in London, known for its loose religious beliefs but I felt like the book was a bit heavy on religion but if life is that religiously orientated then cancel my flight to Idaho.

So here comes the verdict

This book is an amazing story about being human full of love and losses and managed to reduce me to tears several times, a record which has not been broken since I read Noughts and Crosses at 14.


I give this book a very high 4 starts out of 5 with a guarantee that you will enjoy it despite the slightly long page count.

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Brenda Stanley's Bio:
Brenda Stanley is the former news anchor at her NBC affiliate KPVI in Eastern Iadho. Her writing has been recognized by the Scripps Howard Foundation, the Hearst Journalism Awards, the Idaho Press Club and the Society for Professional Journalists. She is a graduate of Dixie College in St. George, Utah, and the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Brenda lived for two years in Ballard, Utah, within the Fort Duchesne reservation where the novel is set. She and her husband live on a small ranch near the Snake River with their horses and dogs.


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