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Starcrossed [Awakening #1] - Josephine Angelini

Title: Starcrossed 
Author: Josephine Angelini


Helen Hamilton lives in quite town of Nantucket but the serenity of the island is disturbed the arrival of the mysterious Delos family. Helen finds herself conflicted with her attraction to Lucas Delos and the undeniable need to kill him.

Okay so may be the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” might have some merit because I have got to stop picking these books that hide disappointment in their pretty covers. Reading Starcrossed, I went from confused to disgusted and then to appalled (yes, the word has finally entered my vocabulary and I say it my British accent and shaking the proverbial stick).

This book is…. I actually have no words to describe it. Let’s start with the only good thing, make that two. MYTHOLOGY! I am a big fan of mythology, to say the least; I grew up reading Percy Jackson and absolutely loving it. So when I realised this book was mythological I was ecstatic, delirious over the moon. 

The book got off to a good start I was fascinated by Helen’s surroundings and loved her best friend Clair, who is probably the only three dimensional character in the book because from then on the book went on a downward spiral. Stereotypical plotline started the book off on its journey past bad to just kill me now worse. 

At the start of this story a mysterious and handsome new boy comes to the little town, I swear if I had a penny for every time I read a book with a new kid in town I would have enough money to buy books for the rest of my life. In an attempt to make the book original Angelini made sure that the new boy and Helen Hamilton do not like each other in fact every time one sets eyes on the other they are zapped with an intense need to kill. Homicidal tendencies, yes what a wonderful recipe for love. Tell me girls if you went out on a date with the hot boy you want to kill, who also happened to want to kill you how long do you think the date with last before one of you is carted off in a body bag. Hmmm…body bag the thought of death and dismay must be such a turn on.

Don’t worry that gets worse there is even a scene where he attempts to drag her out of a supermarket and she goes with him in order to avoid a scene. What? I hear you ask why would a sane girl like her walk out with a guy who clearly harbours ill feeling towards her I hear you ask. Well this girl is far from sane, at one point she even decided to have a sex change if Lucas if gay. I am not a fan of text speak in reviews but there are no better words for it WTF! The girl is not only insecure and ditzy.

This is far worse than Twilight especially since this is actually Twilight if you replace the crazed sparkly vampire with the equally crazed demigod for that is what they are Demigods but clearly on the opposite side of the war. While I am not a fan of Twilight, in fact I slag it off every chance I get, I was never bored in fact while rolling my eyes at the whinnies of Bella Swan I was curious enough to read all four books. Don’t judge I have had therapy since then. Furthermore and I say this with no love for the twilight books but Stephanie Mayer had a very good style of writing, it made reading the books much easier but Angelini lacks even that, there is no writing style. It made up of simple sentences with no flow to the story. 

So you may ask why not throw in the towel, give up and embrace being a minority well the answer to that was curiosity, I did not care what happened to the characters but I wanted to know how bad this book could actually get and I was right it got so much worse. If you are thinking about read this book please stop now because I am going to spoil it for you. Lucas and Helen are first cousins, TADA. How very Cassandra Clair don’t you think. 

So here comes the verdict

To be honest I somehow don’t think I should spell out the verdict for the book because it pretty much spelled out across the 700 words above.


I was NOT impressed with this book, it was bad to start with and got worse fast. Even the mythology aspect of it did not pull this book out of the rut it found itself in. I give this book an all-time low score 2 stars and a understanding of that if I did .5 ratings, it would be getting an even lower score.
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Hardcover: 487 pages
Publisher: HarperTeen(31 May 2011)
Language: English
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