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Sins of the Heart [Otherkin #1] - Eve Silver

Title: Sins of the Heart
Author: Eve Silver


Son of an Egyptian god of chaos Dagan is a soul reaper. His job – reap dark souls to feed to his father. No one who came across a soul reaper ever leaves alive except that one girl eleven years ago. Now with his brother missing he is once again in the hunt of the girl who survived. 11 years after her encounter with Dagan Krayl Roxy Tam once again encounters the demon but this time they are on the opposite side of the war, a daughter of Aset Roxy knows he is the enemy but that doesn’t stop the spark that has been firing between them for eleven years.

I saw the cover for this book and I fell in love not just with the seriously fine specimen on the cover but the font. It was beautiful, sharp and promised a lot of action and the book did not disappoint. It was action packed from the beginning to end with a few rather slow part. 

So the story begins with Roxy being kidnapped and almost raped by an evil soul and Dagan ever the evil soul eater is there to collect their souls but finds a live and tied up Roxy. The attraction is instant even if it is confusing, how can a 19 year old who is kidnapped and about to be sexually assaulted feel that kind of attraction to man she has never met especially when this man ripped a person’s heart right in front of her. 

The main story begins eleven years later and Dagan is on the hunt for his brother’s killers who he assumes might be one of the Daughters of Aset [moral enemy alert] and surprise surproise Roxy is one of them. Ignoring the rule of kill on sight, Dagan and Roxy try to piece the story together and find out who killed Lokan and answer the mystery of why the whole underworld is in search of the little girl Roxy saves days ago.

The story is fast paced with enough action to keep most people happy and even the romance aspect is very well written. There was one thing I found that annoyed the hell out of me, how long it took them to meet again. I kept counting pages and even got the urge to just skip to where they meet. The book offers several different voices most of which belong to an enemy showing the reader a tantalising glimpse of the enemy’s plan.

I actually really like this book, I could not put it down even when the book slowed a little bit somewhere in the middle, I sat up until 4 am reading it until I was at last on the last page and confused as to how I even finished a book that fast and wanting to read the next one despite the fact that my eyes could not stay open a moment longer.

Here comes the verdict

I really like this book; it offered a vision of this world as we don’t see it, full of demons and gods [Vampires don’t exist says the soul reaper demon]. It was not only very well written but also explores the forbidden love [I love those] between two people on the opposite side of the war.


I give this book 4 stars as it was an awesome read after I finish my current pile I will sure as hell read the next one and the next.

Product details
Paperback: 448 pages
Publisher: Harlequin, Mills & Boon (5 Nov 2010)
Language: English
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