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League of Strays - L. B. Schulman

Title: League of Strays
Author: L. B. Schulman


New girl Charlotte is a misfit, a social outcast but when a note inviting her to join the mysterious League of Strays, she jumps at the chance. The idea  of getting her back on those who had made her feel inferior seemed like a brilliant idea but will she get her back like she imagined or will things spiral out of control.


When I read the summary of this book I thought it would be another light hearted book about teen high school angst, I thought the worse than can happen is they dye the mean girl’s hair pink or something ridiculous but I was actually surprised by how dark it was. From the word go this book got creepier and creepier, the light hearted eye rolling I had planned went out of the room and I was left disgruntled and at some points disgusted.

The book starts with Charlotte, the main protagonist going to meet the mysterious K from whom she received an equally mysterious letter about joining the club ‘League of Stays’. Hold that thought for a second and maul it over for a second. What do you say if you get a creepy letter from someone you don’t know asking you to meet them in the dead of night? 

B.      Of course why not I will meet you there and give you the chance to kill me if you so desire.

Charlotte chooses the later fully knowing how stupid such decision may be and the plot thickens enter Kade Harlin. I swear from the moment that guy entered the book I disliked very much, to say the least. He is creepy and has psychopathic tendencies not to mention is one huge stalker.  If a guy is ‘profiling’ you for months he is creepy, call the damned police. Like right now I am at the library (trying to get away from all the noise in my house) and there is a super creepy guy who decided to sit literarily millimetres away from me and stare at me typing which by the way is creepy as hell and if he was so inclined to ask me for a meeting in the middle of the night my reply will be A. HELLZ NO.

There are two ways you can look at this book. The first is that it is a horrendous tale of teen bullying and revenge. The next way you can look at it is that this is a cautionary tale. This way you can understand the desire for the dark setting. The fact that all the characters seem bent on revenge and are rather creepy means you should stay away from them. Avoid people like Kade Harlin especially if they like ‘studying’ people


I give this book 3 starts out of 5 because, while it was dark and sometimes rather strange it served as a good cautionary tale. However I did not like the lack of common sense in the characters.

Product details
Hardcover: 288 pages
Publisher: Amulet Books (1 Oct 2012)
Language: English
ARC provided by Abrams via NetGalley

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