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If I Stay [Definitions #1] - Gayle Forman

Title: If I Stay
Author: Gayle Forman


18 year old Mia is a classical music nut with everything she could ever want. A cool family, a rock star boyfriend, an amazing best friend and a talent that would soon let her enroll into Julliard. She could not ask for a better life until that life was put into question. Now she is in the between, the non existing, limbo. She watches as her family is torn apart and those left over struggle over their loss. Now she has to choose between staying with the living or leaving to join the unknown depth of the afterlife. 


I loved the film adaptation of The Lovely Bones so seeing as its one of those few movies that actually made me cry I decided to avoid the book just so I don't spoil it for myself so when I came across If I stay, I was happy to use it as my method of procrastinating studying. For hours I sat transfixed ignoring the fact that my sisters were trying to set my phone on fire, don't think am joking either. This book is amazing I loved it form the moment I began reading it to the moment it ended and I was left wanting more.

I usually avoid books with death and sad endings since they usually demand you emotionally invest on them and reduce you to tears at the end and this book was different but I did not regret reading it the same way I did not regret reading A walk to remember by Nicholas Sparks. It's sad heart breaking and frustrating as hell and I loved every minute of it. 

Unlike the usual books I pick, I was not attracted to it by the beauty of the cover rather the simplicity of it, just a face but I took the chance and read it for which I thank the impulsive part of my brain. 

So the story starts like any other, a 18 year old classical music obsessed girl which by definition made Mia unique from almost all of the protagonists of the YA genre. She lives with her rock 'n' roll mum, dad and brother. She has an almost rock star boyfriend who by the way is portrayed in a way that makes him unique and unlike the many cliched rock start teen heart throbs. Then disaster strikes, one snowy day they get hit by a truck. 

Morbid as it seems I adore that scene, everything about it is awesome. From how unexpected it is, perhaps I was expecting a Susie Salmon style of death but it was magnificent. It was so vivid in its description, even her reaction to seeing her breast hanging out was realistic. 

I guess it kind of hard writing a book review for a book you cannot fault... I mean how many ways can you say I freaking love it. It was tragically sad without crossing that line where it becomes comical ( I think I need a humor transplant, perhaps the better world is melodramatic). The characters in this book were not only believable but loveable too and I am especially a fan of the frequent flashbacks. They developed the many relationships Mia had with her parents, grandparents,boyfriend-girlfriend and her closest friend Kim. 

The emotion in this book had tears springing to my eyes something that had not happened since I read Naughts and crosses. So there is no doubt I am not even going to dragging this out I give this book 4 out of 5.  

Product details
Paperback: 199 pages
Publisher: Doubleday Childrens (May 2010)
Language: English
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    Liked this book! Nice review (:

  2. Thanks i like the book as well