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Firelight [Firelight #1] - Sophie Jordan

Title: Firelight
Author: Sophie Jordan

Jacinda Jones is a sixteen year old draki (Dragons that have the ability to shape shift into the human form) but Jacinda is not just an ordinary draki in fact she is the only fire-breather in her pride for centuries. Betrayed by the pride she loved she moves to the desert with her mother and twin sister. Here she meets Will, a hunter who she can't stay away from but can she protect herself and her family from the looming danger of both the pride and Will's family.


I am completely divided when it comes to this book, on one hand I loved the plot and can't wait to dig into Vanished but on the other I had several issues with it.

Lets start with the positives.

This book had me transfixed... I could not put it down until I was finished, not to mention the killer cliff hanger had me buying Vanished literally seconds after I finished Firelight. The book was not only riveting but had a very nice pace so there were no slow part which often make me want to skip the book entirely.

I loved the setting in the beginning, Jordan did a very good job creating the iridescent lake to the point I wished I was there but that is where the setting gets a bit stereotypical. Goodbye magical land, hello high school with al your clicks and bitches. I mean come on why would you swap this magical scene for that of a typical, teen angst ridden insides of a high school complete with a queen B; I swear if I see another book with unattainable guy falling for the quite new girl I am going to blow a fuse.

I am not a mathematician, in fact I loath it with a passion but answer me this what is the probability of a teenage dragon, oops I mean draki, dragon is not politically correct,  moving from Colorado to the Nevada and meeting the love of her life which she encountered back in her home town just a week previous? Don't answer it was rhetorical question because the answer is astronomical, I mean am no expert on the geography of US (I go as far as naming the 50 states-ish, what can I say I rather like the small island I live on)

While I loved the writing style, I am not all that wild about Jacinda. At first she seemed like my kind of protagonist rebellious and tough but soon she becomes whiny. Half the time she can not decide whether she wants to stay or go back to the pride, she keeps changing her mind every two pages. As for the other characters, I seriously wanted to bitch-slap Cassian(the bad boy alpha to be she is promised to),  her mum is bossy and totally secretive(to give her credit this made her realistic although not likeable), her twin sister is whiny and unsupportive and as for Will... he is one hot guy. Okay so am not a fan of lust being misrepresented as love but damn are they hot together pun intended.

I was confused with this book one minute I wanted Jace to runaway from the pride, the next from her mum and sister and then from Will. Every time Jacinda changed her mind about where she was I was wholly supportive of her which is a real credit to Jordan's style of writing. The other thing I was quite impressed with is Jordan's approach to the draki. Unlike most shape shifting stories I have read before they are not human shifting into a dragon rather dragons shifting into human. Cool as this approach was my brain decided to randomly notify me that when and if Will and Jacinda get it on isn't it technically bestiality (am sorry I can't help it, I have a sick mind)

So here comes the verdict

Despite the whiny tone in the protagonist I totally enjoyed this book, it was original and engrossing.

I give this book a 3 out of 5 because I enjoyed it and I plan to read Vanished the moment I upload this review.

Product detail
Hardcover, 326 pages
Publisher: HarperTeen (September 7th 2010)
Language: English
Author's Website:

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