Monday, 6 August 2012

Dear Diary Blogfest

Okay so I am not posting another review but I decided to turn my blog into a diary in order to participate in a blog fest. So I am going to tell you 100 things about myself which initial might seem much but hay I will give it a try with the hope that someone is so bored they will read it.

1. I talk too much… that is a fact I have been told by many friends, families and even university lecturers.

2. I have a million nick names - Betty, Beth, Becky (don't know where that came from) - if you c
think it and it starts B and closley resembles Beth then I have been called it before

3. I love science… I am a nerd I could spend hours contemplating scientific stuff anything from molecules to space but Maths is my deadly enemy.

4. My nerdism makes sense since I am going to be in my second year at university majoring in Biomedical Science.

5. I am a big science fiction and fantasy moments… I am a MASSIVE Dr Who fan. I have seen every episode since 2005. No matter how much I do love Matt Smith, David Tennant is and will always be the best Dr. Who.

6. I am a very big mythology, magic and legends. So naturally I love Harry Potter, Percy Jackson etc etc…

7. I have an opinion on almost everything.

8. I read way too much…. Sometimes one book a day.

9. I love did you know facts

10. I have too many friends which always manage to surprise since I am possibly the bluntness.  All in the name of honesty ey ;)

11. I often antagonise my friends just to see them flip but somehow I always come out worst for wear. 

12. Once my friend dangled me off of the second floor balcony until I apologised.

13. The other time they locked me up in the cupboard and drew the cross sign on the door to ‘keep me in’

14. I have a very foul mouth even bleach can’t clean.

15. I love music… I can NOT live without my iPod. The Fray and Maroon 5 are my favourite bands but I listen to pretty much everything except for opera and death metal.

16. My favourite song right now is Kiss you inside out by Hedely but that will probably change soon.

17. I am a very BIG fan of Russell Howard… If you are American you probably won’t know him or like him, what with the whole British humour and all.

18. Oh yea I forgot I was born in Ethiopia and moved to London when I was 12.

19. I am 5’2… a fact that is of endless entertainment to most of my friends. Apparently it explain why I could switch from perfect calmness to and I quote ‘a bubble cauldron of suppressed rage’

20. Growing up I was a terror child a fact my parents did not know… me and my cousin even set out pet dog on the neighbour kids.

21. The first game I have ever played on X-Box is Destroy all humans… it’s the best damn game ever. Tell me what does that say about my psyche.

22. I have a morbid fascination with criminal or medical shows…. The more gore and blood the bettet

23. I love HOUSE, BONES, NUMBER, PSYCH… basically if it is intelligent or funny I am so there.

24. My record is watching 60 episodes of house in less than three days… my flatmates had to call me and ask where I was.

25. I would love to become a diagnostic doctor.

26. I have two all-time best friends Jessie (guy) is my fraternal twin from another mother. If I was a boy I wouldn’t mind being him and S (whose name I won’t elaborate for my own safety) he has been my what if ever since we met five years ago even when I was attached.

27. I am a night owl… if I could I would work the graveyard shift and sleep all day.

28. If I could I would sleep more than 16 hours a day, I freaking love my sleep.

29. I LOVE HARRY POTTER! Siriusly (bad joke I know) at one point I owned every single harry potter book and DVD but I suffered niceness delirium and gave them away to the seriously lacking local library.

30. Finding out that Severus Snape was a good guy was one of the biggest shock of my life.

31. I love paranormal romance I have read possibly everything from Sherrilyn Kenyon to Christine Feehan to Anya Bast. I accidently stumbled upon them when I was 15 so probably way, way too young .

32. I do anything for doughnuts and Nutella.

33. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans is my favourite film in the world.

34. I cried watching Man of Fire, Titanic, The lovely bones, Up and  Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

35. The only book to EVER make me cry is Noughts and Crosses by Mallory Blackman.

36. Acheron is my favourite book in the world. I have read it more than ten times… seeing as it’s over 600 pages its feat I am proud of.

37. My favourite superhero is Ironman just because sometimes there is something attractive about a playboy, billionaire, and philanthropists in a metal suit. 

38. I have spent hours arguing Marvel against DC and MARVEL ALL THE WAY! 

39. I never thought the British accent was all that sexy (since I have one) until I heard Thor (Chris Hemsworth) speak… OMG yummy

40. One of the reason I watch superhero movies is because there are some seriously fit actors.

41. The bet damned burger I have ever tested is called THE FULL WORKS…it has chicken, beef and donna meat [which is lamb meat]. Trust me it is not as gross as it sounds its pure heaven.

42. Feeling stupid is possibly the worst feeling in the world.

43. I have never broken a bone but I bruised my coccyx’s rock climbing blindfolded… if I had died right then I think I deserved the Darwin Awards

44. Despite my sucky spelling and grammar I write mostly for fun… it’s the only thing that relaxes me.

45. I write on a website called wattpad, my user name is bethsylerF if you wanna check me out.

46. I usually start a lot of stories but am too impatient to finish them.

47. I have a huge scar on my neck from my first attempt to curl my wild hair… thankfully its slowly fading away.

48. I sneeze REALLY, REALLY loudly.

49. That fact should embrace me every flu season but I am perhaps the most shameless person ever. I rarely care what people think about me

50. Everyone I have ever met thinks am weird or crazy maybe both. A fact I own up to.

51. I read too much… If I have not read for at least 15 to 30 minutes a night I can’t sleep.

52. I have a crush on both the Winchester brothers from Supernatural.

53. I am 19 years old but I could easily get away for 15 or 16.

54. I have single child syndrome… so I have a problem sharing things which is damn inconvenient since I have a very close extended family with about twenty plus cousins.

55. I am a Lucozade and coke addict. I can’t live without both.

56. I have a very dirty mind.

57. Family Guy is my favourite cartoon show.

58. I have no clue what to say next except I am currently watching Ultraviolet on TV.

59. I love the thrill of fear… roller coasters are the best but the moment I can I plan to sky dive and bungee jump too.

60. I love scarves… I have 20 plus and counting.

61. It is my opinion that Dracula is the worst book ever written… in college [senior year high school for the not so British] I wrote a voluntary essay on how much I hated the damned book. My teacher still has that copy.

62. In the same year I posted a wanted poster of my head of year in Abraham Lincoln’s cloths and posted it all over our school (and for good reason too… he looked like a clone of AL). Thankfully he found it very funny and framed it, he even displayed it in his coffee shop.

63. I love watching funny accidents and shows that are designed to throw people in the funniest ways e.g. Total Wipeout

64. I once tried to dye my hair blue but it did not work but it managed to turn my pillow and hair straighteners blue.

65. I am possibly the worst lab partner since I usually end up blowing thing up.

66. I once set half my hair on fire.

67. I also set my friend / flatmates hands on fire… he was waving his lighter around and I was waving my hairspray incidentally it burnt all his arm hair off.

68. Aladdin is my favourite Disney movie very closely followed by Tangled and Up (I can’t believe it made me cry within the first 10 minutes)

69. My Girl and Bridge to Terabithia are the most soul destroying films ever… I watched them once and I have vowed never to watch them again.

70. I have seen all the episodes of Charmed.

71. I love The big bang theory and have a crush on Sheldon Cooper, of all people.

72. I have a book review blog called Sky Rose Reviews.

73. I am the biggest astronomy geek in the whole world and I could do maths beyond the 8th times tables I would love to be an astronomer.

74. Jesus this is hard. Oh wait Jesus… I am not overly religious I suppose I am loosely Christian but believe whole heartedly in Evolution.

75. I can’t stand most reality shows especially the really stupid once like Jersey Shore and The only way is Essex. Ahhhhh kill me.

76. After I finish reading a book I usually imagine talking to the author… especially books like Incarnate.

77. I am extremely shallow when it comes to choosing a book, the cover is usually one of two reasons I pick it up.

78. I was terrified of snakes until reptile show in school where I held a boa constrictor… the instructor told me while I was holding the damned snake that if anybody clicked their fingers it would start tightening around my neck and what do you think everyone wanted to do in that moment.

79. I love snow wrestling especially if there is a hot guy involved ;)

80. My grandmother is Italian therefore I love love lasagne

81. But I always have difficulty spelling it right.

82. I love dogs but I am a cat person something in their evil intelligent eyes makes me want a kitty.

83. I am the least musical person in the world but I have made it my goal to try learning the guitar.

84. I watched The Lord of the Rings when I was 12 and was terrified.

85. I have a love hate relationship with politics and news.

86. I love drawing and even do some digital painting.

87. I am in love with my photoshop it’s the best damn software ever invented.

88. I often think about what it would be like if I time travelled into the past… I think I want to write a book about that one day.

89. I have loads of celebrity crushes.

90. I think I have seen every episode of Friends but once in a while an episode will come up that I have never seen and it’s the best damn day.

91. If there are no stupid questions what kind of questions do stupid people ask? Do they get smart just long enough to ask a question and go back to being stupid?

92. Kinder bueno’s are my favourite chocolate but they always seem to finish too fast

93. QI is the most educational comedy show ever, most of the trivial fact I know come from it.

94. I am really proud that I am alive in 2012 to see the London Olympics especially since the Olympic village is like 10 minutes away from my house.

95. I have never had a proper job in my life but I plan to change that in September.

96. Richard Dawkings is my idol.

97. If I could have anything in the universe it would be more brain power.

98. The theme song to my brain is ‘Epic rap battle of history: Einstein Vs. Steven Hawking’ 

99.     I am the most liberal person alive… I believe in quality despite gender, race, religion, sexual orientation etc 

100. I have no desire to be exceedingly rich or famous but the one thing I would like to feel before I die is that I have made a difference.

Now that I have finished writing the 100 things about me, new things are popping up. Damn you brain where were you when I needed you, you have no idea how hard it is to do this but I can also say it was very fun too.

Special thanks to for hosting this blogfest


  1. yeah so...we just became blogger soulmates... yeah that just happened.
    Still bitter that Tennant didn't light the torch. Time is now unraveling as we speak...that will be the reason for the apocalypse I'm sure of it.

    If you have a tumblr you should find me :) I think we'd blog similar geeky things lol. SherlockedintheTardis10

    Thanks so much for participating!

  2. Yea... I had that ultimate dream to see Dr who brought to life it would have been so very epic. By the way i am majorly jealous about you having a sign copy of Returubution even if its not my favourite in that series. I don't have tumbler but i will get one anyway nice profile name :D

  3. Guh I wanna go to the Proms sooo bad. I woulda preferred to go when it was Tennant but..well considering I didn't start watching Doctor who til Matt was on his second

    I haven't even read that book yet! I just had to have it, obviously lol.

    Thanks:) I'm quite proud of it lol

  4. I have been watching doctor who ever since David Tenant came on, i had to back track and watch season 1. Even when i moved to uni and didn't take a TV i made sure i watched it live on Iplayer every Saturday. As for the books i don't know if i am going to read them i just feel a bit scared that they won't add up to the magic of the Tv series