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Crave [The Clann #1] - Melissa Darnell

Title: Crave
Author: Melissa Darnell

Savannah Colbert is the social reject of her school, hated by the clann members which she once called friend, rejected by the  love of her life she finds life in this little town a living hell. But then something happens, after a week of illness she comes back with abilities she never dreamed of, now she is not just the reject but the hotty all boys want to posses including ex-best friend Tristan Coleman. 


I am a nice person. That is the mantra I have indoctrinated over the summer no doubt something I will lose the instant I am back in university so for the sake of being nice I am going to find something nice to say about this book... Tristan is hot no doubt but what the hell, niceties are not for me anyway. Put politely, I seriously disliked the book. It was 416 pages of bull. 

Savannah is yet another hormonal teenager...  no wait that's half witch half vampire (dhampire) teenager lusting after the ex-best friend turned jerk jock (nice piece of alliteration even if I say so myself) Tristan. All this is nicely topped of with a bit of forbidden love, what do you know the 'clann' rejects this weird hybrid and want their soon to be leader to have nothing to do with her. SURPRISE. This book is like a junkyard of cliched characters from the likes of Twilight and other equally vacant books whose characters are more shallow than a mud puddle. 

So lets talk about Savannah, apart form her name which I adore there is nothing likable about her. She is yet another teenager who went from geek to chic but this time because of a genetic lottery. Her daddy which she want to impress but is really a spineless go getter for 'council' is a vampire and what do you know he is a 'special' kind of vampire... incubus which means that after her illness or transformation her boobs grow 1.5 sized bigger and she has the ability to control someone with her eyes. 

To make matters worse for this poor little woman child, she cannot look at any man straight in the eyes for fear of turning him into her own little stalker... tell me something how do you manage to go out with someone even go as far as making out with them without looking at them in the eyes, a feat I assume is rather improbable if not impossible but Darnell disagrees. 

To point out yet another flaw in this plot, tell me something how does a boy like Tristan fail to see the now ginormous boobies she now sports, I mean come on as much as we would like to believe that they like us for us boys will be boys and if your mango suddenly inflates into a watermelon they WILL notice no matter how nice they are. To quote a friend of mind 'you have too many inny out bits not to notice”.

Okay so clearly this book is not for me but I have seen the review on Goodreads so if you are into shallow characters with mediocre relationship and lust-filled romances which is interpreted as something more meaningful than it is then this book is for you, enjoy the four hundred plus pages of pure agony which by the way I got through with the sheer power of my will, then good luck.

So her comes the verdict

Stating the obvious, I am not a fan of this book. Not only is it unoriginal but its like a mix-tape of everything I dislike from the fantasy/ young adult genre but wait I think I found one light in the dark THE COVER. While it is hypocritical of me to accuse this book being shallow while indulging in my shallow love for pretty covers,  I must say I love this cover. Its red and has a pretty girl on it  which generally means I love it. Every cloud has a silver lining after all.


While I go check get myself a psychiatrist for my shallowness and my sudden on-slaughter of meanness (is that even a word?) I award this book an all time low of 2 out of 5 stars, one of which if for its pretty cover.

Product details
Publisher: Harlequin (25 Oct 2011)
Language: English
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